Heirloom Storage Boxes and Work Boxes - 'MADE TO ORDER' to your specification. 

Decide from our options depicted in the shop items which features/options you would

like for your sewing box and we will make it to your order.


First choose to have either: a storage box with a fixed lid, or a workbox with a lifting lid.

Then pick a light Oak finish if preferred to our standard natural oak wax finish.

You should now choose how many small, medium, or large drawers you require.

Select either bobbin and/or skein storage. Choose how many of either/both in your shopping cart.

If you do not choose to have solid oak drawer knobs we with make the drawers with finger pulls.

Then select from our list of other options you may require to personalise your box I.e. knobs,

side handles, plinth, castors, padded insert, or contact us for any Bespoke item required as we would always be pleased to hear from you.