Cross Stitch Box

Cross Stitch Box

'Cross Stitching' boxes can be purchased 'Off The Shelf'  Or you can have one 'Made To Order' with optional extras, including Standard & Bespoke drawer partitions. added to enhance your crossstitch box, and get exactly what you need for your craftwork.

 Cross Stitch Box. At a Special offer price.
Cross stitch Bobbin & Skein storage drawer.
Cross stitchers two open bobbin storage drawers
Padde insert in box lid displaying your work.

Padded insert displaying your work

Castors fitted to base of your box.

Castors to move your box around

Standard or bespoke patitions are an option which can be fitted to any drawer  to suit your requirements. See 'Shop' for options or 'Contact Us' for your bespoke   requirements.

Standard & Bespoke storage inserts drawers

Standard Partitions

Bespoke Partitions

Cross stitchers Half bobbins & plain storage
Three drawers full of Cross Stich Bobbins.

Cross Stitch boxes can be: 'Made To Order' - That's designed by you (we can assist if required) from the options listed in our 'Shop' to configure your box just the way you want it.

3 drawer & 17 drawer Cross stitch boxes.

Large box or small? Your choice.

4 Made to order Cross stitch Boxes.
4 Drawer Cross stitch box witout options fitted.

Box without options

$ drawer Cross stitch Box with options fitted.

Box with options