(This section is under on-going construction - Just let us know if you would like anything added).

Features of our boxes are detailed below. And images show various designs possible with the optional extras depicted in our shop. We are always happy to make bespoke features to your requirement.

The Above is our 'Large Special offer' box which was originally designed with cross stitchers in mind and is now the most popular choice of box in our range, featuring the most cost-effective large capacity and versatile storage for needlework & crafts.

The box features from the top down:-

A lifting lid with heavy-duty solid oak and large gauge brass screw hinge mechanism which opens and holds the lid just passed the upright position to enable ease of access to the storage compartment below.

The storage compartment features a sliding/removable shallow tray within a large storage space.

The Workbox as standard is hand waxed with a natural oak finish. With hand waxed 'Light oak' being an optional finish.

The box is fitted with handles on the sides which assist when moving the box around your work area.

There are 3 small drawers @1.5 inches deep, the top one of which is empty to fill with small odds and ends.

The second small drawer is fitted with 32 Cross stitch style bobbin compartments which can also be used for any small items.

The third small drawer is fitted with 8 Cross stitch Skein storage compartments that are perfect for pencils/paint brushes etc.

The skein/bobbin compartments can be removed from the drawer if required and we are happy to alternatively fit 2 x bobbin or 2 x skein storage inserts if preferred. You can always purchase an additional skein or bobbin storage insert if required for the top drawer or you can have bespoke storage inserts fitted at additional cost.

There are two medium-sized drawers which are 3.1" inches deep and are ideal for odds & ends, hoops pattern, etc.

There is a large drawer which is 7.2 inches deep and good for larger items, fat quarters, balls of wool, etc.

All our drawers have internal measurements of 14.7 inches wide x 8.7 inches front to back (ideal for magazines A4 paper etc), they are also all fitted with oak drawer pulls. 

On the bottom of the box is a solid oak plinth which is fitted with removable free-wheeling castors to enable the box to be moved around your work area.

StorageInserts:- our large special offer box comes with a bobbin storage insert (holds approximately 160 bobbins). And one skein storage insert (holds approximately 120 Skeins). we can change this to both skein or bobbin storage inserts. for an additional £9.50.  

we can add an insert to the normally empty drawer.

Storage inserts can also be added to our medium (or large) drawers leaving a space above for boxes, hoops etc.

Just note your requirements on your order form.

We are happy to quote for any form of bespoke storage insert within our drawers - just contact us with details of your requirement and we will do our best to assist.

Our storage inserts are designed for standard plastic bobbin holders which are not the same size both ways therefore we have designed our inserts to fit either way around so you can see either the colour or the ident tag.

We get numerous enquiries from customers who decide they would now like storage inserts fitted :-

Re. Retrofitting of storage inserts: Our inserts are made to fit in the drawer ensuring a snug fit to reduce the possibility of the insert being pulled out with a bobbin. However, we try to assist with this requirement:-

1.    Send us the drawers and we will fit them for you. Where you would pay a £10 handling fee + postage & insurance both ways.

2.    We can make a kit of bits for you to assemble and install yourself, which may require some sanding of the ends on your part to             achieve the desired fit.

       We will advise the cost of postage/packing/insurance prior to order when we know your requirement.

Please advise us of type of drawer opening on your drawers ie. finger pull or knobs.

Showing the sliding tray in the storage compartment

A padded insert fitted into the lid recess to display your work

Freewheeling castors can be fitted to any box with a plinth.

A Storage box for your collection of threads.

The Drawers of your box can be lined with Velvet 

Images showing our standard

bobbin & Skein storage.

We are happy to make your choice of bespoke drawer storage compartments to exactly meet your needs.

Would a light oak finish complement your workroom?

Or would a pair with natural oak finish suit you better?

Your Floss Bobbins can be fitted into the drawer storage compartments with either the ident tab showing or the floss colour displayed.

We are always happy to fit your choice of drawer knob for you or design and make a bespoke design feature of your knobs - Just ask.

The choice is yours: Some of our larger 'Made To Order' boxes are featured below.

Meet the Touchwood Boxes family: Wife, Jean on the left, followed by daughters Emma & Claire, and me, Roy, in our workshop. 

Our purpose-built workshop enables us to make you the Workbox of your dreams

Company name: RJ & JF Ltd.

Trading as: Touchwood Boxes.

Company registration No. 06330195

7 Murray Road.



Kent. ME2 4HJ.

   Telephone: 01634 719582.



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