Bespoke Craft Storage Boxes  

Our Heirloom range of Craft Storage Workboxes & Jewellery Boxes are high-quality products manufactured as cost effectively as possible by standardising sizes and options and optimising the design, construction & materials, to achieve a durable, practical and beautiful piece of furniture which will compliment your home.


However our Bespoke products are handcrafted to your exact requirements, which we can help you to define, and can incorporate individual design features, Wood species, sizes, materials, finishes, and specialist jointing methods, using the skills and to the quality  beloved by traditional cabinet makers.  The prices of our bespoke boxes start from £800.00 depending upon requirements.


We would be pleased to assist you with the contemporary or traditional design and manufacture of your Craft Storage Box, Workbox, Display Case, Cabinet, Shelving Unit, or Jewellery box / Chest to specific sizes and requirements. Further we can design & make to house a specific collection of items, made to match and compliment your existing furniture or decor.


Where appropriate we would use solid feature woods of your choice with traditional cabinet making construction methods and jointing  i.e. Dovetail Jointing, Mortise & Tenon Joints, and Decorative Trenails, etc.


To give an individual, unique & exclusive look. Purpose made / custom designed Hinges, Catches, Latches, Locks, Handles and Knobs etc can be individually crafted from solid wood rather than standard brass items.


Please telephone/contact us to discuss your requirements. Where if required, we can arrange a home visit to you (at additional cost). We would be pleased to hear from you to discuss the design and manufacture of your project.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail:-


Tavel Workbox to attend lectures with
Travel workbox for holidays with waterproof finish applied.

Craft Lecturers 'Travel workbox' 


Used for attending Cross Stitching workshops around the country. Featuring: Solid oak / Wood dowel construction, wooden hinges, handle, latches, drawer pulls, with an ornate locking pin for drawer retention

Holiday 'Travel workbox' 


Similar Workbox to above Craft lectures box, But specifically made for craft Storage whilst on boating holidays, featuring a 'waterproof finish' with 'dovetail' construction

Travel workbox For boating holidays.
Travel box showing component features.
Jewellery desgners display box to exhibit samples.
Jewellery display box open to see inside.

Jewellery 'Display Box' 

 A Jewellery makers box to present and display Jewellery Samples.