Ready-made & made to order, Small to Extra large capacity. 

High-quality Wooden Needlework & Craft Workboxes. 

Handcrafted by our family in the UK since 1998.



'Touchwood Boxes' is since 1998 a small family run business where we design and make Needle Work and Craft Storage Workboxes.  During the past years, we have sold many boxes via specialist Craft magazines, Direct and Online where our products are often featured and covetously talked about. Yes, they are quite expensive items but that is a reflection of our quality and service.

We have recently moved house to one incorporating a  larger workshop, so we are now in a position to offer a bigger and better range of  'Ready-made'  - 'Made to Order' and Bespoke Craft Storage Boxes. 'Touchwood Boxes' is focused on providing the best possible products with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations and beyond.



It all started quite a few years ago when my wife Jean's Cross Stitching hobby had got to the stage of taking over the house with plastic boxes, bags and drawers full of essential bits & pieces. (definitely NOT junk!! - Jean said)

"Ok" I said I will buy you a nice box for Christmas to keep all your treasures in ---- Because you are looking at our website I am sure you must know how difficult it is to find Craft Storage Boxes that are practical, durable and a nice piece of furniture ---- I failed miserably.

"Ok" I said being an accomplished cabinet maker I will make you one, but you will have to help me design it! (I ended up buying Jean something else for that Christmas plus an IOU!)

Jean and her fellow Cross Stitchers took a very keen interest and became deeply involved in the various designs and prototypes until it reached the stage when it was deemed good (for a bloke) and they all wanted one ---- and wouldn't it be a good idea to sell them to other cross-stitchers, but if you could 'just' add this and --- being a well-trained husband ---- "Ok" I said.

That was the start of the arduous process of how we ended up with this website to offer you our pride & joys on-line.

Touchwood has gone from strength to strength since we first started, but we are still a small friendly family run business, where Jean is the cross stitcher, general organizer, and boss,  me - husband Roy & elder daughter Emma handcraft our beautiful and practical boxes for the individual needs of the discerning enthusiast. Youngest daughter Claire models our products and son James is the Touchwood WebMaster.

We have recently semi-retired and moved house to one with a larger workshop in the garden where we are now in a better position to make & offer our Craft Storage & Jewellery Boxes with a faster turnaround from order, with the traditional  'Touchwood'  quality products & service. Although we now offer a faster delivery from order, it still gets busy at times, but please be assured we will always do our absolute best to please. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Best Regards

Roy, Jean & family

N.B. We are a real company, not just an internet site. We offer one to one helpful advice if you are thinking or planning a purchase. We are also there in the event something goes wrong or you need some friendly help, you get to contact a real person not a list of FAQs’. i.e. someone with real knowledge rather than a call center operative working off a script.

Daughter Emma holding Big & Little craft boxes.
Daughter claire with two large sewing boxes.
Wife Jean with two big embroidery storage boxes

Meet the Touchwood Boxes family: Daughter Emma on the left, followed by Claire, in the middle and Wife, Jean to the right, with me, Roy, in our workshop.   

Dad Roy hard  at work in workshop2.jpg